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Flexicraft provides Flexible Piping Solutions with quality rubber and metal expansion joints of all types for piping systems, as seen in “Why Flexicraft?”. Also provided are linking rubber seals for pipe wall penetrations. Flexicraft has been supporting the Water & Waste industry for over 50 years.


  • Rubber Expansion Joints

    Every type and style of rubber expansion joint is available from Flexicraft. Rubber expansion joints are normally used to compensate for movement in piping systems under 200F.

    More Information » www.flexicraft.com/Rubber_Expansion_Joints

    Rubber Expansion Joints
  • Metal Expansion Joints

    Every type and style of metal bellows expansion joint is available from Flexicraft. Metal expansion joints are often used to compensate for thermal expansion of hot piping systems.

    More Information » www.flexicraft.com/Metal_Expansion_Joints

    Metal Expansion Joints
  • Braided Flexible Connectors

    Flexible braided connectors for pump and equipment connections of every type. The flexible connectors help with misalignment and vibration absorption.

    More Information » www.flexicraft.com/Braided_Flexible_Connectors

    Braided Flexible Connectors
  • Flexible Expansion Loops

    Flexicraft is a leader in flexible expansion loops that provide long movements in all directions for piping systems, while generating no pressure thrust loads on pipe anchors.

    More Information » www.flexicraft.com/ML_Loops

    Flexible Expansion Loops
  • Pipe Wall Seals

    The PipeSeal from Flexicraft uses linking rubber sections to seal pipe penetrations through walls and floors.

    More Information » www.flexicraft.com/PipeSeals

    Pipe Wall Seals