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For nearly 85 years, Cla-Val has been a leading manufacturer of automatic control valves, serving customers throughout the world in a diverse array of industries, including waterworks, fire protection, fueling, marine, industrial and mining. Our commitment to excellence shows in each valve we produce and in the many new products we introduce each year, the latest of which is Link2Valves - a new mobile app that manages the service scheduling of automatic control valves and other water system assets.

Cla-Val's automatic control valves are designed to improve supply, distribution and treatment system efficiency. Cla-Val also manufactures electronic products that enhance the functionality of our control valves. These “smart” valves combine the efficiency of hydraulic control with advanced technology electronics to provide optimum fluid control solutions.

Cla-Val is a global company with headquarters and a 20-acre manufacturing/ foundry complex in Southern California, and facilities in Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, France, the UK and New Zealand. Our company website at www.cla-val.com is the go-to resource for automatic control valves.


  • Link2Valves Control Valve Service Management Mobile App

    Link2Valves™ is a simple to use tool that manages the service scheduling of automatic control valves and other water system assets. Utilizing Cla-Val’s proprietary Link2Valves mobile phone app, data and photographs are collected from valve sites throughout a water system and automatically uploaded to a database on Cla-Val servers. Access to the data is then provided through a private portal using the secure Link2Valves™ website, giving the complete service history of each valve recorded in the database, as well as exact location and other pertinent valve data. When accessed by the user, this information is presented graphically, showing which valves may require preventative or periodic maintenance. 

    More Information » www.cla-val.com/link2valves-i-89.html

    Link2Valves Control Valve Service Manage...
  • Pressure Reducing Valve - 90 Series

    The 90 Series Pressure Reducing/Pressure Regulating Valve (PRV) automatically reduces a higher inlet pressure to a steady lower downstream pressure, regardless of changing flow rate and/or varying inlet pressure. Cla-Val’s PRVs are installed in water distribution systems throughout the world and are know for their superior performance, reliability and long service life. There are many variations on the basic 90 Series pressure reducing valve.

    More Information » www.cla-val.com/waterworks-pressure-reducing-valve...

    Pressure Reducing Valve - 90 Series
  • Cla-Val Electronic Control Valves

    Cla-Val Electronic Control Valves are designed for applications where remote control of the valve is preferred, making it the best choice for isolated locations; underground vaults, tanks and reservoirs; and pump control installations.

    Our Electronic Control Valves can be configured to perform a wide range of functions such as pressure reducing, pressure sustaining, flow control or level control.

    The valves can be easily interfaced with SCADA systems using the VC-22D Electronic Valve Controller to add system performance visibility and control a wide variety of valve applications. Electronic valves fitted with the X144 e-FlowMeter and the VC-22D Controller can be powered using X143 Series Power Generators. This electronic control functions can also be combined with hydraulic controls to create dual functions and fail-safe capabilities.  

    More Information » www.cla-val.com/waterworks-electronic-control-valv...

    Cla-Val Electronic Control Valves
  • Cla-Val Electronic Valve Controllers

    The Cla-Val VC-22D is an innovative new valve controller designed to enable remote operation of electronic valves in water treatment facilities or potable water distribution systems. The VC-22D Valve Controller also serves as an interface between a SCADA system and other devices installed on or around the valve (such as a meter).

    Designed for easy user interface, the valve controller is pre-loaded with the most common valve applications (ValvApps™). The valve controller can also be customized with additional ValvApps™ to meet any operational requirement. Click here to read about the endless valve control possibilities of the VC-22D.

    Product Advantages

    • Provides remote or local set-point control for valves in a variety of fluid applications
    • Highly accurate and stable valve control
    • IP-68 Submersible
    • Controller is supplied with pre-loaded ValvApps™ for most common valve func...
      More Information » www.cla-val.com/vc-22d-e-controller-p-482-l-en.htm...

    Cla-Val Electronic Valve Controllers
  • Cla-Val Pressure Relief Valves

    The 50 Series Pressure Relief Valve is designed to maintain constant upstream pressure within close limits. In operation, the valve is actuated by line pressure through a pilot control system, opening fast to maintain steady line pressure but closing gradually to prevent surges. In addition to surge relief, this valve can be used for pressure relief, pressure sustaining, back pressure, or unloading functions in a by-pass system.

    There are many variations on the basic pressure relief valve, including but not limited to the following.

    • 50-01KO Pressure Relief with KO Anti-Cavitation Trim
    • 50-33 Excessive Pressure Safety Shut-Off
    • 52 Series Pressure Relief and Surge Anticipator
    • 550 Series Pressure Relief, Pressure Sustaining
    • 58-01 Combination Back Pressure and Solenoid Shut-Off
    • 350 Series Electronic Pressure Relief
    • Pressure Relief Pilot Controls: CRL-60 and 55L-60.

    More Information » www.cla-val.com/waterworks-check-valves-c-1_12-l-e...

    Cla-Val Pressure Relief Valves
  • Cla-Val Pump Control Valves

    Cla-Val Pump Control valves are manufactured in a variety of configurations to meet critical pump control application requirements with precise performance and maximum durability.

    Cla-Val 60 Series Booster Pump Control valves are designed for installation on the discharge of a booster pump to prevent pipeline surges caused by starting or stopping of the pump. When a pump is started, a solenoid control is energized and the valve gradually opens. When the pump is signaled to shut-off, the solenoid is de-energized and the valve gradually closes. Should a power failure occur, a built-in lift-type check valve closes the moment flow stops, preventing reverse flow.

    Cla-Val Series 61 Deep Well Pump Control/Pump Suction Control Valves are designed to prevent pipeline surges caused by the starting and stopping of deep well pumps. A solenoid pilot valve and separate, adjustable flow control valves in the pilot system regulate opening and closing rates. With the pump off, the valv...
    More Information » www.cla-val.com/waterworks-pump-control-valves-c-1...

    Cla-Val Pump Control Valves
  • Cla-Val Surge Control Valves

    The Cla-Val Model 52-03/652-03 Surge Anticipator Valve is indispensable for protecting pumps, pumping equipment and all applicable pipelines from dangerous pressure surges caused by rapid changes of flow velocity within a pipeline.

    When using this valve, pumping systems are started and stopped gradually preventing harmful surges from occurring.

    More Information » www.cla-val.com/03/652-pressure-relief-surge-antic...

    Cla-Val Surge Control Valves
  • Cla-Val Electronic Flow Meter

    The Cla-Val Model X144 e-FlowMeter is a vortex shedding insertion flow meter designed to be retrofitted into a Cla-Val Automatic Control Valve to provide accurate flow measurement data without the need to install a separate meter.

    More Information » www.cla-val.com/electronic-flow-meter-c-108_109-l-...

    Cla-Val Electronic Flow Meter
  • Cla-Val CRD-L Pressure reducing Valve

    The Cla-Val Model CRD-L Pressure Reducing Valve automatically reduces a higher inlet pressure to a steady lower downstream pressure with our unique design. This valve is an accurate regulator capable of holding downstream pressure to a predetermined amount, regardless of upstream pressure fluctuations.

    Product Advantages

    • Meets Requirements of “Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act”
    • Operates in Any Position
    • Easy Installation
    • Gauge Connections Standard
    • All Bronze Body and Cover

    Typical Applications

    • High rise buildings: Use CRD-L Pressure Reducing Valves in various water systems (potable water, boiler feed air conditioning, etc.) to control pressure fluctuations between floors.
    • Industrial plants: Use CRD-L Pressure Reducing Valves between a high pressure supply system and equipment requiring lower pressure. Typically...
      More Information » www.cla-val.com/pressure-reducing-valve-p-458-l-en...

    Cla-Val CRD-L Pressure reducing Valve
  • Cla-Val Air Release and Air Release / Vacuum Breaker Valves

    Cla-Val Air Release Valves for Water Systems, and Combination Air Release and Vacuum Breaker Valves protect your piping system by automatically eliminating air pockets and preventing vacuum formations from building-up in the pipeline during filling or draining operations. Excessive air in a system can dramatically reduce capacity and increase power demand as pumps work harder to maintain desired flow. In extreme cases, excessive air or vacuum formation can cause line breaks. The best way to protect your piping system from these negative conditions is to utilize Cla-Val air valves in the locations most likely to experience air or vacuum build-up: high-points in the pipeline, adjacent to pumps, in long pipe runs and at deep well installations.

    There are several configurations and a wide variety of materials to choose from depending on the particular application. Whatever your requirements are, Cla-Val has the air valve you need to achieve the most from your system. 

    More Information » www.cla-val.com/waterworks-valves-c-1_11-l-en.html

    Cla-Val Air Release and Air Release / Va...
  • Cla-Val Check Valves

    Cla-Val Checks Valves are available in the sizes and configurations you need for your water distribution system.

    Our 81 Series Check Valves use the same main valve as our field proven automatic control valves to deliver unparalleled reliability. In applications where return flow protection is desired, Cla-Val Check valves provide superior and leak-free performance. A variation on the standard design, the Model 81-12 is specifically configured for use in variable speed pump applications, providing positive shut-off and surge protection when a pressure reversal occurs.

    Cla-Val Series 500 Check Valve are available in a variety of body styles:

    • Wafer Swing Check
    • Silent Wafer Check
    • Silent Globe Check
    • Two-Door Wafer Check
    • Flex-Check

    These sturdy and reliable check valves provide non-slam closure, have low head loss and close drip-tight.

    DB Series Duckbill Check Valves round out Cla-Val‘s complete line...
    More Information » www.cla-val.com/waterworks-check-valves-c-1_12-l-e...

    Cla-Val Check Valves



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