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Becker manufactures the world’s most widely used vacuum pumps, compressors and regenerative blowers in the Environmental Industry. Becker blowers and compressors deliver 100% oil free air with ZERO contamination from dirt and oil induced into your water or solution. With our new line of SV regenerative blowers, our single stage and double stage SV’s offer excellent flows for either pressure or vacuum. Our oil-free rotary vane compressors provide low pressure air for many environmental tasks. Whether it’s for water treatment, aeration & agitation, dewatering, air analysis or remediation, Becker offers perfect environmentally oriented solutions for you, including a “no noise” alternative with our new submersible blower. Whether you need an individual pump, compressor, application specific system or fully centralized pneumatic system, our technically trained Sales Team is ready to help.



    Introducing the new Becker line of SV Series Regenerative Blowers
    New Lower Price • Better Performance • Lighter Weight • More Compact Design

    Our previous line of regenerative blowers has been replaced with our new more efficient, compact, and cost effective SV Series vacuum and pressure blowers. Becker has always offered superior single and two stage pumps in the industry and they’ve just gotten even better.

    Lower horsepower with greater capacities
    Higher flows: Single stage flows to 735 CFM
    Higher pressures: Two stage pressures to 213” WG
    Lighter weight
    New compact design

    Smaller models come complete with integrated inlet filter and relief valve which means a clean impeller, cooler running pump and longer life. The exclusive clear filter/valve cover allows for fast visual maintenance inspection.

    Pressure or vacuum models
    Single and two stage versions...
    More Information » beckerpumps.com/regenerative-blowers-sv-series

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