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BacTee Systems, Inc. is recognized internationally and provides environmental systems for control of odors and management of biodegradable solid wastes. The BacTee team of professionals has a mature and long term history applying state of the art technology from concept to practical application.

BacTee Systems addressing client-specific needs for industry, municipalities and agriculture from components to complete turnkey systems.


  • BioAer® Components

    The BioAer® floor system has become the ‘gold standard’ for biofilter aeration floors with installations throughout the world.

    More Information » www.bactee.com/bactee/Products/BasePlate.aspx

    BioAer® Components
  • ChannelAer™ Components

    The ChannelAer™ components are designed to allow the construction of compost process aeration floor systems that meet twelve key elements required in any modern aerated compost facility – for either positive or negative aeration systems.

    More Information » www.bactee.com/bactee/Products/TrenchCover.aspx

    ChannelAer™ Components
  • RollCov-R™ Systems

    BacTee offers various configurations of RollCov-R™ technology to enable complete closure of aerated compost process but with convenient cover retraction or roll-back features that allow full access to the processing area during both loading and unloading of raw and finished materials.

    More Information » www.bactee.com/bactee/Products/RetractableCover.as...

    RollCov-R™ Systems
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  • Don Mathsen

    BacTee Systems, Inc.
    Grand Forks, North Dakota