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ZAPS Technologies Inc.

Real-Time Multi-Parameter Trending for Event Detection, Process Control, Improved Water Quaity


  • LiquID(TM) Multi-Parameter Station

    Instrument for continuous real-time monitoring of multiple compounds including BOD TOC cBOD VFA E.coli TSS Turbidity Chlorophylls TKN TOX Hydrocarbons NO2+NO3 NH3. Data broadcast continuously allows process responses in real-time to events thereby reducing process costs, avoiding process escapes, and improving water quality. Reagentless operation allows for unattended 24/7 operation with only minor periodic maintenance, further reducing OPEX. 

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    LiquID(TM) Multi-Parameter Station
  • Liquid-XR(TM)

    Extended Range version of LiquID, for heavily contaminated water matrices (for example 1 - 80,000 ppm BOD) or ultra-pure water (for example 10 ppt).