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Tanks & Silos


  • Permadome-Roofs and Covers

    All PERMADOME® Roofs and Covers are supplied and installed through our global network of local distributors and are constructed in accordance with detailed PERMADOME® construction guides by trained crews to give rapid installation and high quality completion on-site.  The PERMADOME® Roof and Cover product portfolio includes:

    • Geodesic Dome Roofs
    • Tapered Beam and External Beam Roofs
    • Trough Deck Roofs
    • Single and Double Membrane Roofs
    • PVC Covers

    More Information » www.permastore.com/products/permadome-roofs-and-co...

    Permadome-Roofs and Covers
  • Permastore-Glass-Fused To-Steel Tanks

    Glass-Fused-to-Steel (GFS), also known as Glass-Lined-Steel (GLS), is the ultimate tank and silo solution utilising a proven product with significant benefits to customers, consultants and contractors over other types of tank and silo construction.

    Glass-Fused-to-Steel gives significant benefits over other tank and silo systems.

    More Information » www.permastore.com/products/glass-fused-to-steel

    Permastore-Glass-Fused To-Steel Tanks