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  • Vertical Solids Handling Pumps

    Fairbanks Nijhuis vertical solids handling pumps have over 100 years of proven experience in the pumping of solids, slurries, sludge, pulp, trash, sewage, and grit. These pumps are specifically designed to pass solids, trash, and long stringy materials

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    Vertical Solids Handling Pumps
  • Horizontal Screw Channel Pumps

    Fairbanks Nijhuis' type of kinetic energy pump that uses centrifugal force to deliver water in a steady stream to create pressure. Screw impeller centrifugal pumps are ideal for handling raw sewage which contains stringy fibrous material and for handling sewage sludge up to 10% dry solid content. Available in horizontal or vertical execution. Suitable for raw sewage, sludge and viscous liquids.

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    Horizontal Screw Channel Pumps
  • Vertical Mixed Flow Pumps

    Fairbanks Nijhuis mixed flow pumps function as a compromise between radial and axial flow pumps. They operate at higher pressures than axial flow pumps while delivering higher capacities than radial flow pumps.

    Available in horizontal and vertical executions with a variety of mounting arrangements and nozzle positions to suit most pipe configurations and pumping station design. Suitable for drinking water, sewage water, cooling water, effluent, irrigation, drainage or equivalents.

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    Vertical Mixed Flow Pumps