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Landia, Inc.

Engineered to Last

Landia, Inc.

  • Chopper Pump

    There are four basic models in our current range and these can be supplied in a choice of sizes and materials depending on the type of liquid to be handled and the required capacity: submersible chopper pumps, axial pumps (aka: recirculation pumps), long-shaft chopper pumps, and dry-installed chopper pumps.

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    Chopper Pump
  • Mixers

    A mixer will usually run for long periods of time, in some cases even continuously, i.e. 24 hours a day all year, and often in aggressive fluids.

    That's why we devote so many resources of our daily customer-oriented product development on optimisation of the relation between “raw strength” and energy consumption.

    By optimising the position inside the tank, the capacity of the motor, the gears and the design of the propeller blades, our many years' experience enables us to minimise energy consumption, wear and noise level, which has a favourable effect on the plant’s operating economics and its impact on the environment.

    More Information » www.landiainc.com/mixers

  • Aerators

    Landia’s aerators run 24 hours a day all year, aerating wastewater at industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants, and plants for the aeration and treatment of leachate.

    We have been developing and marketing aerators and aeration systems since the mid 1970’s, and hundreds of our systems are now in operation all over the world.

    More Information » www.landiainc.com/aerators