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KCH Engineered Systems

We Clean the World's Air and Water


  • Carbon Adsorption Systems

    KCH Engineered Systems designs and manufacturers a Carbon Adsorption System (CAS) which is among one of the most effective in removing total odors and VOCs from municipal and industrial processes. Designed for continuous use, and built to withstand the elements, our Activated Carbon, Zeolite, or Activated Alumina based Adsorption Systems can be used exclusively or in conjunction with other air pollution control technologies such as, Wet Chemical Scrubbers or Biotrickling Filters. Where certain applications require adsorption in combination with Chemisorption, KCH offers a chemical impregnated adsorption media to achieve ultimate performance. 

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    Carbon Adsorption Systems
  • Wet Scrubbers

    KCH designs, manufactures, and installs a variety of corrosion resistant wet scrubber systems, for wastewater treatment applications requiring odor control and H2S scrubbing. Each wet scrubber is custom designed and fabricated in our U.S. headquarters, according to project specifications. KCH wet scrubbers are available in our corrosion-resistant POLYSTRONG™ and POLYLAST™ materials and can be structured in vertical (countercurrent) and horizontal (cross flow) configurations, to best fit the process situation.  

    More Information » www.kchservices.com/products/wet-scrubbers

    Wet Scrubbers
  • Biotrickling Systems

    KCH designs and manufactures turnkey biotrickling systems that can acheive removal efficiencies greater than 99% on Hydrogen Sulfide. The systems use a non hazardous nutrient instead of potentially dangerous chemicals used in wet scrubbers. The inorganic media used to house the biological microorganisms can last for up to 10 years, making it a low-cost, low-maintenance system. 

    More Information » www.kchservices.com/products/biological-oxidation-...

    Biotrickling Systems
  • Degasifiers

    KCH degasifiers are among the most trusted by the wastewater treatment industy. They are able to strip H2S from millions of gallons of water per day and are also capable of cleansing VOC's, THM, Carbon Dioxide, and other compounds. They are available in our POLYSTRONG™ and POLYLAST™ materials when corrosion resistance is necessary. 

    More Information » www.kchservices.com/products/degasifiers

  • Exhaust Fans/Blowers

    KCH Exhaust Fans are a critical component of any air pollution control system. KCH industrial fans and blowers are designed to withstand corrosive fumes, gases, unwanted odors, particulates, smoke, and vapor.  Ask about our AMCA-certified models.

    More Information » www.kchservices.com/products/fans

    Exhaust Fans/Blowers
  • Process Tanks

    KCH has decades of experience with all aspects of tank design, fabrication, and installation. We feature polypropylene tanks, fiberglass tanks, PVC tanks, stainless steel tanks, and more, engineered to your unique specifications. We produce only the highest quality, custom-made rectangular tanks for numerous water treatment and wastewater treatment applications.

    More Information » www.kchservices.com/products/tanks

    Process Tanks

    POLYSTRONG™ and POLYLAST™ are two corrosion-resistant, thermoplastic-based materials used in the equipment that that KCH Engineered Systems manufactures. They are poised to replace traditional fiberglass laminates that are subject to degradation wicking, porosity, and UV light penetration. The materials are ideal for degasifiers or aeration towers at municipal drinking water treatment plants where NSF Certification is required. 

    More Information » www.kchservices.com/products/polystrongpolylast