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  • Vortex Flow Insert (VFI)

    Eliminate odor and corrosive gases in vertical sewer drops with the patented Vortex Flow Insert.

    The VFI’s patented spiral flow design eliminates odorous and corrosive gases in a unique way. It uses the wastewater’s own flow energy to suppress the turbulence which releases noxious gases. The spiral flow creates a downdraft which traps airborne gases and forces air into the sewage flow to oxidize odorous gases. By installing a Vortex drop structure, municipalities can save thousands of dollars in monthly chemical feed, air-phase treatment and maintenance costs. 

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    Vortex Flow Insert (VFI)
  • Municipal Products

    As a leader in thermoplastic piping for more than 50 years – with the longest track record of success in the infrastructure business – IPEX provides unsurpassed product engineering expertise to meet the demanding requirements of today’s complex municipal Pressure and gravity applications.

    And along with the inherent advantages of IPEX Water Service and Specialty systems – proven strength and flexibility, combined with outstanding resistance to corrosion and chemical attack – comes quality assurance that exceeds the industry’s most demanding standards, including third-party certification from organizations such as the Canadian Standards Association, Factory Mutual, Underwriter’s Laboratories and NSF.

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    Municipal Products
  • Electrical Cystem

    We introduced PVC pipe in 1951. Since then, the type of challenges industry faces have changed. What hasn't changed is our commitment to meeting your needs. IPEX USA LLC electrical systems perform in the toughest surroundings underground or above grade. Our comprehensive range of products serve today’s electrical, utility and infrastructure construction needs.

    IPEX products meet or exceed industry standards so you can be confident in partnering with us whether you are specifying, purchasing or installing. IPEX products are the premier choice of electricians, power utilities and infrastructure contractors. When your reputation is on the line, you can depend on IPEX for quality products and superior service.

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    Electrical Cystem
  • Industrial products

    At IPEX, we build tough products for tough environments. Every plastic pipe, valve and fitting (PVF) you need for any industrial project, available from a single reliable, accountable source.

    Only IPEX offers complete PVF systems – in industrial PVC, CPVC, ABS and natural and pigmented PP – for process piping, double containment, acid waste, high-purity and compressed air applications, as well as a full range of specialty systems and products including Ventilation Duct, all manufactured and backed by one supplier.

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    Industrial products