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DN Tanks

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  • Prestressed Concrete Storage Tanks

    Our prestressed concrete water and wastewater storage tanks are designed and built to AWWA D110 Standards utilizing a cylindrical concrete wall placed in permanent compression, resulting in the most durable concrete storage tank structures.

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    Prestressed Concrete Storage Tanks
  • Water Storage Tanks

    DN Tanks is the industry leader in the design and construction of prestressed concrete tanks.  Our low-maintenance, circular concrete water storage tanks can be built in any size on virtually any site - above ground, partially buried, or fully buried with either flat or dome concrete roofs.  Our proven performance will provide you peace of mind for the best value, durable, dependable, water storage tank. 

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    Water Storage Tanks
  • Wastewater Storage Tanks

    For use in reclamation and treatment facilities, DN Tanks has decades of experience building wastewater storage tanks including digesters, primary and secondary clarifiers, water reuse storage tanks, storm water storage tanks, sludge storage tanks, equalization tanks and more.  Many of our wastewater storage tanks are designed to coordinate with required equipment and appurtenances, such as mixing systems, pressure equipment, access walkways, concentric floors, piping and more.  Wastewater storage tanks can be buried or partially buried to support the facility's operation systems or simply for aesthetic reasons.  A variety of architectural treatments can enhance the circular concrete tank exterior to blend with the surrounding architecture.

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    Wastewater Storage Tanks
  • Water Reuse Storage Tanks

    DN Tanks has decades of experience building prestressed concrete tanks for use in water reclamation and treatment facilities. Our design engineers and project managers work closely with every customer and their engineering team to ensure every water reuse storage tank we build supports the facility’s treatment infrastructure, basin configurations and site parameters. 

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    Water Reuse Storage Tanks
  • Storm Water Storage Tanks

    Storm water management is an important focus in urban, suburban and even rural communities as more municipalities realize the importance of protecting the local environment and waterways from contaminated run-off. DN Tanks provides a long-term low maintenance storm water storage tank solution that can be customized to suit your site and processing requirements.

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    Storm Water Storage Tanks
  • Thermal Energy Storage (TES) Tanks

    Stratified chilled water storage tanks (TES tanks) are an integral part of large district cooling systems.  Our TES tanks help reduce energy and operational costs, defer capital expenditures on equipment replacement or expansion projects, prevent downtime of mission critical operations, improve the efficiency of natural gas power plants with turbine inlet cooling systems, or provide owners with negotiating leverage in deregulated utility markets.

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    Thermal Energy Storage (TES) Tanks
  • Architecturally Treated Storage Tanks

    Adding architectural elements to a concrete storage tank tells the world that you have an appreciation for the visual impact on your community and a priority to make it aesthetically pleasing. The natural shotcrete finish provides a stucco-like exterior texture which provides a canvas for a wide range of architectural enhancements. Not only does its natural color and earthy texture blend well with any environment and streetscape, it can easily support a variety of architectural features.

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    Architecturally Treated Storage Tanks
  • At Grade, Buried or Partially Buried Storage Tanks

    A DN Tanks prestressed concrete storage tank is an ideal solution to accommodate various siting options.  Our prestressed concrete storage tanks can be buried or partially buried to support the facility's operational systems or simply for aesthetic reasons.  Many  owners elect to bury the concrete storage tanks and use the roof-top as a recreational facility, such as a tennis court, football field, or a community park.  Additionally, our prestressed concrete storage tanks are designed and constructed to withstand extreme cold cllimates, desert heat, high seismicity and multiple environmental conditions. 

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    At Grade, Buried or Partially Buried Sto...
  • Circular Concrete Tank Design

    Our circular concrete storage tanks offer optimal design to contain liquid loads as well as optimal water quality configurations.  The concrete storage tank walls are placed into compression by circumferential prestressing which is encased in shotcrete to provide long term corrosion protection and durability.  The circular concrete tank shape offers numerous roof options including open-top, flat or dome concrete roofs, geodesic dome roofs, etc.

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    Circular Concrete Tank Design
  • Customized Concrete Water Tank Design

    A DN Tanks-built prestressed concrete storage tank is a monument to high quality construction and durability. Our AWWA D110 Type I and Type III concrete storage tanks range in capacity from 50,000 gallons to 50,000,000 gallons and more. While our commitment to quality and safety is the same on all of our prestressed concrete storage tank projects, the design and engineering of each is customized based on the site, concrete tank size, dimensions, exterior enhancements and other project-specific criteria.  Our design team can provide the complete concrete tank design as part of our bid package, or provide various support during the project development phase.

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    Customized Concrete Water Tank Design
  • Prestressed Concrete Tank Experience

    With a combined experience of over 130 years, DN Tanks, the parent company of DYK and Natgun, has made numerous noteworthy improvements in the design, construction and prestressing of concrete storage tanks.  DN Tanks is the undisputed leader in prestressed concrete storage tank research and development.  Whatever your concrete storage tank requirements are, DN Tanks will provide you with a technologically advanced, durable, and low maintenance prestressed concrete storage tank.

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    Prestressed Concrete Tank Experience
  • Concrete Tank Services Division (CTS)

    Our Concrete Tank Services Division offers the industry’s most reliable concrete tank inspection, concrete tank rehabilitation and concrete tank retrofit services for all types of concrete tanks regardless of design or who built them, including cast-in-place and post-tensioned structures. Whether your concrete storage tank needs immediate attention, a scheduled concrete tank inspection, or just a trained eye to consult on retrofit options, now you can call the most experienced name in the business: DN Tanks CTS.

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    Concrete Tank Services Division (CTS)
  • Office Information - El Cajon, CA

    DN Tanks, P.O. Box 696, El Cajon, CA  92022-0696 (800) 227-8181

    Physical: 351 Cypress Lane, El Cajon, CA  92020 (619) 440-8181

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    Office Information - El Cajon, CA
  • Office Information - Wakefield, MA

    DN Tanks, 11 Teal Road, Wakefield, MA  01880  (781) 246-1133


    Plus regional offices in Oregon, South Texas, Illinois, Kansas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and Qatar.

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    Office Information - Wakefield, MA
  • Office Information - Grand Prairie, TX

    DN Tanks, 410 East Trinity Blvd., Grand Prairie, TX  75050  (972) 823-3300

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    Office Information - Grand Prairie, TX
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  • Tom Christie
    Tom Christie

    Vice President, Sales
    DN Tanks
    Dallas, Texas

  • Guy Frankenfield
    Guy Frankenfield

    Thermal Energy Storage (TES) Manager
    DN Tanks
    Dallas, Texas

  • Joe Pappo
    Joe Pappo

    Concrete Tank Services (CTS) Manager
    DN Tanks
    Wakefield, Massachusetts