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Manufacturer of dewatering centrifuges and sludge thickeners; designs and supplies nutrient recovery and biosolids treatment optimization systems


Centrisys/CNP supports global sustainability through its resource intensification portfolio with water and wastewater equipment and processes. Our systems are designed for simple operation using less energy, less space and fewer chemicals. Centrisys Corporation is a U.S.A. manufacturer of dewatering centrifuges, sludge thickeners and complete dewatering systems for municipal and industrial water and wastewater. Centrisys’ service department is a leader in global service, repair and parts for all centrifuge brands. CNP – Technology Water and Biosolids Corporation designs and supplies nutrient recovery and biosolids treatment optimization systems. CNPs key technologies are AirPrex® and CalPrex™, phosphorus recovery technologies that produce struvite and brushite fertilizers, and PONDUS, a Thermo-Chemical Hydrolysis Process (TCHP) which increases biogas production and digester capacity and reduces sludge volume and polymer consumption. CNP is a U.S. distributor for digester and storage tanks and hydrograv® adapt Variable Inlet System.


  • Dewatering Decanter Centrifuges CS Series

    The Right Solution, The Fastest Payback

    In 1987, Centrisys designed and built its first centrifuge around what was learned in the field by servicing competitor’s equipment in both municipal and industrial applications. Thirty years later, the Centrisys engineering team continues to benefit from problem-solving, learning what does and does not work in the real world and takes that knowledge to continue Centrisys’ lifelong commitment to brand excellence. By providing the most efficient, robust decanter centrifuges, Centrisys gives our customers the results they need.

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    Dewatering Decanter Centrifuges CS Serie...
  • Sludge Thickener THK Series

    The Most Efficient Solution to Thicken Sludge

    The Centrisys Sludge Thickener (THK Series) is specifically engineered to achieve high-performance thickening of biosolids. The non-conical design results in greater G-volume, allowing for the highest capacity of flow to the centrifuge. The THK improves upon existing technologies using fundamental principles of a 1) Centrifuge - 3,000 Gs, 2) Rotary Drum Thickener - fully enclosed and small footprint, 3) Dissolved Air Flotation (DAFT) - air injection. The patented Hydro-Pneumatic design has proven that NO polymer is required under normal conditions (150 SVI)

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    Sludge Thickener THK Series
  • PONDUS Thermo-Chemical Hydrolosys Process (TCHP)


    PONDUS, an alkaline process, utilizes low grade heat (160 °F to 180 °F) and sodium hydroxide for sludge hydrolysis. A typical PONDUS system consists of a hydrolysis reactor, hot water heat exchanger, chemical dosing station, pumps, instrumentation and controls. PONDUS reduces sludge viscosity, enhances biogas production and improves sludge dewaterability

    More Information » www.centrisys-cnp.com/pondus

    PONDUS Thermo-Chemical Hydrolosys Proces...
  • CalPrex

    Pre-Digestion P-Recovery

    THE PROBLEM: Phosphorus Solubilization Limits Recovery Efficiency

    THE SOLUTION: Pre-Fermentation: the Biological Solution for P Solubilization

    THE BENEFITS: High Efficiency P-Recovery and Digester Protection

    • Over 60% Solubilization of P in Bio-P Sludge
    • Divert Over 50% of the Soluble P from the Digester
    • Reduce up to 50% of the Total P in Biosoild
    • Reduce up to 50% of the Total P in Biosoild
    • Reduce Struvite Buildup in the Methane Digester
    • No Ammonium Required

    More Information » www.centrisys-cnp.com/calprex

  • AirPrex

    Post-Digestion P-Recovery

    THE PROBLEM: Struvite Mineral Buildup Leads to Reduced Plant Capacity

    THE SOLUTION: AirPrex Optimizes the Sludge Treatment Process Like No Other System

    THE BENEFITS: AirPrex Removes Struvite while Significantly Improving Treatment Efficiency

    • Reduce Polymer Consumption up to 30%
    • Reduce Disposal Costs up to 20%
    • Reduce Phosphate Recycle Load up to 90%
    • Reduce Maintenance Costs up to 50%
    • Increase Revenue from Fertilizer up to 20%
    • No Sodium Hydroxide Required

    More Information » www.centrisys-cnp.com/airprex

  • CalPrex + AirPrex

    Capture the Most Phosphorus

    THE PROBLEM: Phosphorus is a Limited Resource

    THE SOLUTION: Maximum Phosphorus Recovery, Minimum Sludge Production

    THE BENEFITS: CalPrex + AirPrex: A Combined Approach

    • Reduce Phosphate Recycle Load up to 90%
    • Reduce Polymer Consumption up to 30%
    • Reduce Disposal Costs up to 20%
    • Reduce Maintenance Costs up to 50%
    • Recover Over 50% of Phosphorus

    More Information » www.centrisys-cnp.com/calprex-airprex

    CalPrex + AirPrex
  • Digester + Storage Tanks | Distributor for LIPP America Tank Systems

    Storage for all Major Markets in the Waste + Wastewater Arena

    LIPP America Tank Systems can resist the highly abrasive nature of many industry liquids that require special interior lining systems. This unique assembly process and cost effective steel manufacturing allows the LIPP storage tank system to be an exclusive choice among engineering groups across the worldwide market. Once the process is explained and understood, then the LIPP tanks has become the engineers/owners first choice for all storage needs.

    More Information » www.centrisys-cnp.com/lipp-digester-storage-tanks

    Digester + Storage Tanks  |  Distributor...
  • Adaptive Clarifier Inlet | Distributor for Passavant hydrograv adapt

    Passavant hydrograv adapt System provides an adaptive inlet flow guiding plates that are adjustable to different submerging depths controlled by a drive station based on the current hydraulic conditions and properties of activated sludge. A proprietary algorithm is built into drive station that simulates the proper sludge inlet location and directs the submergence of the inlet structure.:

    Adaptive Clarifier Inlet  |  Distributor...
  • Low-Temperature Belt Dryer DLT Series

    The Centrisys DLT Series is a dual belt, low-temperature sludge dryer.

    • Reuse of waste heat reduces plant operating costs and carbon emissions
    • Increase safety with low-temperature and minimal dust within the dryer
    • Dried sludge in a granular form with a dryness level of 70-90+%, depending on process requirements
    • Optimized air-flow system guarantees uniform drying
    • Fully automatic design requires minimal operator attention
    • Simple operation requirements
    • State-of-the-art monitoring controls ensure operational safety

    More Information » www.centrisys-cnp.com/centrisys

    Low-Temperature Belt Dryer DLT Series
  • Screw Press SP Series

    Maintenance is a Breeze

    With four divided screens, the Centrisys SP20 is simple to operate, maintain and clean. The four screen baskets and horizontal design allow for most maintenance to be completed without removing the screw shaft. There is no need to pull the auger out; simply open the maintenance cover to clean. The SP20 combines a longer screen design and dual filtrate zones to create dryer cake solids, cleaner centrate and maximum water drainage. Two filtrate zones allow for the separate collection of clean and dirty centrate. The longer screen design increases retention time by using the entire length of the screw for dewatering.

    More Information » www.centrisys-cnp.com/equipment/sp-series-screw-pr...

    Screw Press SP Series