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Carylon Corporation

The Environmental Protection Specialists


  • Sewer Cleaning

    Clogged sewer lines can quickly turn from a nuisance into a nightmare of municipal health hazards and irate phone calls. Whether clogging is caused by sewage backup or natural disasters such as landslides, mudflows or floods, you need a company that can respond with the right type of equipment and experienced personnel. That’s when you can count on Carylon Corporation.

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    Sewer Cleaning
  • Digital Television Inspection

    Using the latest CCTV equipment and reporting methods, we can provide unmatched quality, flexibility and reliability in sewer inspection. Trouble spots, such as cracked or broken tiles, offset joints, and blockages are quickly and precisely located without excavation. Our software produces the most sophisticated - yet user friendly - data collection, analysis, reporting and archiving.

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    Digital Television Inspection
  • Acoustic Inspection of Pipelines

    Our acoustic inspection can tell you when and where to clean your pipes before the blockages and overflows occur -- simply by listening.

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    Acoustic Inspection of Pipelines
  • Root Removal and Management

    High-Powered Root Cutters with EPA-Approved Treatments Kill Intruding Roots and Inhibit Growth.

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    Root Removal and Management
  • Watermain Inspection and Leak Detection

    Not knowing the current internal condition of your water mains makes it difficult to develop educated, cost-effective plans to address problems that may exist. Using cutting-edge pipeline asset management and investigative technologies, Carylon companies can now inspect and conduct precise condition assessments in live pressure water mains as small as 2 inches in diameter to as large as 48” in diameter.

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    Watermain Inspection and Leak Detection
  • Infiltration Control

    Our combination Digital Television Inspection/Sewer Joint Sealing service provides a guaranteed solution to the problem of excessive infiltration, without costly excavation, disruption of traffic, or by-pass pumping of sewage. When a leak is located by the television camera, our technician stationed in a mobile laboratory at the job-site can isolate and seal the leak, usually in less than a minute.

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    Infiltration Control
  • Sonar Pipeline Inspection

    Sonar pipeline inspection is used in submerged and semi-submergerd pipelines.

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    Sonar Pipeline Inspection
  • Lateral Service Line Inspection and Sealing

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that private lateral sewer lines account for 75% of the infiltration of ground water into the nation’s main sewer lines. These leaking laterals cause treatment plants to treat a higher-than-anticipated volume of water, resulting in higher treatment costs for the sanitary district, and higher customer fees. Eliminating the extra cost of treating this infiltration will more than compensate for the investment needed to inspect and repair laterals.

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    Lateral Service Line Inspection and Seal...
  • No Dig CIPP Repairs

    It’s a practical, fast and economical "no dig" solution for pipes with partial structural deterioration and/or distortion, interior corrosion, settling, misalignment and cracking. It provides jointless renovation, improves flow characteristics, adds to the structural integrity of the pipe and virtually eliminates all exfiltration and infiltration at the repaired area. Our cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) lining consists of an epoxy-based, impregnated polyurethane-coated felt tubing that is installed by experienced technicians using trenchless "pull in, inflate and cure" methods. It is used for sectional pipe repairs and can reconstruct pipes segments from 6 inches to 3 feet in diameter, and 1 to 30 feet in length. Our methods exceed all ASTM minimum strength requirements, and the epoxies can be formulated for job specific applications.

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    No Dig CIPP Repairs
  • Manhole Rehabilitation

    Structural rehabilitation & protective coatings provide a cost effective, permanent seal against corrosion, infiltration and exfiltration.

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    Manhole Rehabilitation
  • Dredging and Dewatering

    We use the most advanced shallow draft dredging equipment to remove accumulated solids to a depth of 27 feet. Each of these units is completely portable and operates with minimal turbidity to maintain the "on line" status and ecological characteristics of the waterway or system. We specialize in reducing sludge to a fraction of its original volume, shrinking your handling and disposal costs. Our modern dewatering units can be mobilized to your site. Once our experienced technicians have removed the sludge from your pond, lagoon or industrial tank, we dewater the sludge to meet minimum percent total solid requirements for approved disposal.

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    Dredging and Dewatering
  • Digester Cleaning

    Overloading, lack of adequate oxidation time, loss of gas recovery, or invasion of crustacea, grit and trash, can cause a wastewater digester to function at only a small percentage of its designed capacity, or not at all. When this occurs, immediate and thorough cleaning is required.

    Our trained and experienced personnel are deployed with all of the necessary flushing, pumping, venting and safety equipment to quickly and safely remove all organic and inorganic materials that interfere with the operation of the digester. Using pressurized water they can remove, transport and dispose of residual solids. Remaining material is slurried into a semi-liquid form and easily removed and discharged using pumps that operate at up to 4,500 gpm.

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    Digester Cleaning