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As the world’s leading manufacturer of wastewater inspection equipment, CUES provides the necessary tools for both pipeline inspection and repair. Over the past 50 years, CUES has manufactured the most rugged and reliable pipeline inspection equipment in the industry. CUES also offers a range of advanced systems, such as SONAR, LIDAR, and LASER PROFILING, for those requiring more detailed inspection data. More detailed and accurate information provides an economic approach to infrastructure spending and allocation of resources.


  • SPiDER

    The SPiDER Scanner is the first wireless and color manhole inspection technology in a lightweight and compact form factor. The SPiDER is a scanner which can calculate its position in the manhole shaft by using its sensor data to measure its incremental motion instead of the payout cable. SPIDER weighs less than 30 pounds and can be hand carried to easements or other previously difficult to access sites. This wireless portability is possible because the processing computer and battery supply are built into the scanner.  

    More Information » www.cuesinc.com/SPiDER.html

  • SolidFX Multi-Sensor Inspection (MSI) Platform System

    The SolidFX is a Multi Sensor Inspection (MSI) Platform System equipped with the side scanning Digital Universal Camera (DUC), LiDAR and digital Sonar. This system is available on a float, CUES Mudmaster or tracked transporter and can be used in 18 inch or larger diameter pipe sizes.
    The SolidFX is offered for rental, which includes training and report generation, for contractors, municipalities and as a service provided by Partners in Pipeline Inc.

    More Information » www.cuesinc.com/SolidFX.html

    SolidFX Multi-Sensor Inspection (MSI) Pl...
  • Customized Vehicle/Trailer-mounted TV Inspection & Rehabilitation Systems

    Made to withstand the most severe conditions and ergonomically designed for comfort and efficiency, CUES truck-mounted systems can include TV inspection equipment for sewer/storm/potable water lines, mainline joint or lateral sealing, and lateral reinstatement cutters for the relining industry. A truck chassis can be specified to contain all or any combination of the aforementioned equipment!

    More Information » www.cuesinc.com/TruckMain.html

    Customized Vehicle/Trailer-mounted TV In...
  • Digital Universal Camera (DUC)

    The CUES Digital Universal Camera (DUC) is a semi-autonomous, high resolution digital CCTV side scanning camera designed for rapid and detailed condition assessment of your wastewater system. When used in conjunction with CUES asset-based Granite XP decision support software, you can inspect and assess 5000 feet or more per day, increasing your revenue, while reducing your expenses. The system can be packaged for off-road applications to minimize the costs of traffic control.

    More Information » www.cuesinc.com/DUC.html

    Digital Universal Camera (DUC)
  • OZII Pan Tilt & Optical Zoom Camera

    Available in multi or single conductor format, the OZII optical zoom pan-and-tilt camera system offers unparalleled imaging technology and built-in lighting for 6” to 72” pipe to produce clarity of picture with enhanced detail. The OZII camera provides up to 40:1 optical/digital zoom, automatic focus, remote focus and iris control to assure the highest quality picture within varying pipe conditions. 

    More Information » www.cuesinc.com/OZII-Nite-Lite.html

    OZII Pan Tilt & Optical Zoom Camera
  • OZIII Pan Tilt & Optical Zoom Camera

    The OZIII optical zoom pan-and-tilt camera system offers built-in directional field replaceable lighting for 6” to 72” pipe to produce the highest quality image to enhance the details of your CCTV inspection. The OZIII camera provides up to 40:1 optical/digital zoom, automatic focus, remote focus and iris control to assure the best quality video within varying pipe conditions. The robust design of the OZIII camera includes protective forks for the camera head to protect it during insertion and retrieval and to shield it from roots and other obstructions in the pipe. Get the finest detailed video inspections with the CUES OZ III (Optical Zoom) Camera! 

    More Information » www.cuesinc.com/OZIII.html

    OZIII Pan Tilt & Optical Zoom Camera
  • CUES-IMX Digital and Analog Manhole Inspection System

    CUES has partnered with InfraMetrix to develop the CUES-IMX truck-mounted camera! Collection system owners and operators can now reduce system operation / management costs and quickly identify high-risk areas of the wastewater / stormwater system. Make the best use of your time and money by using the CUES-IMX camera to locate these critical sewer maintenance and repair requirements. The camera offers unparalleled imaging technology with a 25:1 optical zoom that is stabilized and remotely controlled via a telescopic boom to produce picture clarity with enhanced detail up to 300 ft! The zooming capabilities provide the greatest protection against sewer backups and overflows, reduces collection system operation and maintenance costs, and increases performance!

    More Information » www.cuesinc.com/CUES-IMX.html

    CUES-IMX Digital and Analog Manhole Insp...
  • Pipe Ranger II / Steerable Pipe Ranger II

    Multi and Single Conductor II Wheeled Transporter
    The Steerable Pipe Ranger II is a rugged and versatile robotic camera transporter designed to traverse silt, mud and debris commonly found in storm and sanitary sewers. The SPR II is designed with single-point wheel removal to facilitate speedy configuration changes for various pipe diameters and conditions.
    The unit is designed to operate with all CUES inspection systems with up to 2000’ of single-conductor or multi-conductor cable to inspect 7” relined pipe through 72” diameter pipe. The unique built in two (2) speed transmission doubles the torque of the unit to produce maximum pulling power in large diameter pipe when the 10.5” diameter tires are installed.

    More Information » www.cuesinc.com/Pipe-Ranger-II.html

    Pipe Ranger II / Steerable Pipe Ranger I...
  • Compact Pipe Ranger

    The steerable Compact Pipe Ranger (CPR) camera transporter can traverse up to 1200' under normal pipe conditions to inspect 6" relined pipe through 30" diameter pipe and larger. When assembled with the CUES OZIII zoom pan and tilt camera, the compact length enables the unit to negotiate most difficult entry conditions and standard sweeps.

    The superior pulling power of the CPR, combined with the optics and directional lighting of the compact OZ III zoom pan and tilt camera (with the ability to rotate in a 4" circle), creates video inspection quality that's unsurpassed in the industry. Multiple wheel sets are available to maximize bottom-clearance, traction, and optimum camera position. Ease of operation is accomplished with one joystick control for all transporter and camera movements. A variable "cruise control" setting is also available for transporter speed for hands-off operation.

    More Information » www.cuesinc.com/Compact-Pipe-Ranger.html

    Compact Pipe Ranger
  • WTR III Wheeled/Tracked Transformer Transporter

    Traverse varying pipe conditions with quick install of wheels or tracks
    Inspects 6” relined through 24” pipe
    Single point removal of wheels
    High-traction tracks available, easy to install
    Weighted adapters optically center the camera in each pipe size and increase bottom clearance
    Various wheel sets available to maximize performance in various pipe conditions
    Compact transporter enables traversal of offsets in small diameter pipe and entry into tight spaces
    Camera connects directly into transporter with protective carriage assembly
    Works with CUES OZ III pan and tilt zoom camera or CUES Nite Lite Pan and Tilt Camera
    WTR III base configuration includes wheels; optional tracks are available

    More Information » www.cuesinc.com/WTRIII.html

    WTR III Wheeled/Tracked Transformer Tran...
  • Ultra Shorty III

    Ultra Shorty III offers the most compact track transporter in the industry today!
    The Ultra Shorty III can inspect 6” relined to 24” lines with major offsets and protruding laterals. Maximum clearance is provided for 6” and 6” relined pipe. The Ultra Shorty III includes a built-in protective housing and bulkhead connector to accommodate the mounting and direct connection of the CUES OZ III Zoom Pan and Tilt Camera. Weighted adapter blocks are available to optically center the camera, and increase traction and bottom clearance in 8” through 24” lines. For added versatility, the Ultra Shorty III with OZ III can be used with any multi-conductor system.

    More Information » www.cuesinc.com/UltraShortyIII.html

    Ultra Shorty III
  • Ultra Shorty 21

    Ultra Shorty 21 offers a reduced length measuring only 21"!
    The Ultra Shorty variable-weight, tracked crawler is designed for inspecting pipelines from 6” - 30” in diameter and is able to inspect 6" clay pipe with major offsets, meandering conditions, and protruding laterals. Dual 18" cleated track drive provides 50% more wall contact area than wheeled crawlers. This greater contact area assures maximum traction under all inspection conditions. Weighted pipe extenders assure maximum traction and debris clearance in lines from 8" to 24" diameter. A lift is available to optically center the camera in 30" to 36" lines. Measuring only 24" long, the Ultra Shorty is easy to insert in small manholes and dead end lines.

    More Information » www.cuesinc.com/Ultra-Shorty.html

    Ultra Shorty 21
  • Mudmaster / Steerable Mudmaster

    The Mudmaster is a camera transporter that’s specifically designed with the necessary weight, power, speed, high clearance, and all wheel drive for pipelines ranging from 24” to 200”.

    The Mudmaster combines high ground clearance with pneumatic tires to provide the traction and camera stability that’s required for operation under the most adverse pipeline conditions including high flow, deep mud, sand and large amounts of debris. Optional tandem wheels are available.

    The Steerable Mudmaster offers all the same features of the Mudmaster but can turn 360 degrees within its own radius and traverse pipelines with multiple 45 and 90-degree bends. The waterproof remote operated camera lift can be inserted through a 19" diameter manhole with the camera in the lowest position to preclude the operator from confined space entry. This rugged all wheel drive robot can traverse up to 2500 ft. depending on pipe conditions and can operate all CUES cameras, incl...
    More Information » www.cuesinc.com/Mudmaster.html

  • Kangaroo & Giant Kangaroo Cutters

    CUES offers the Kangaroo & Giant Kangaroo Lateral Reinstatement Cutters for your relining and spot repair requirements! Both cutters are rugged, water proof, and built to withstand shock and vibration. The Kangaroo Cutters are proven and reliable with hundreds of units in use every day! The Kangaroo Cutters are equally effective in CIPP or Fold and Form liners and can be installed on any CCTV manufacturer’s truck-mounted system. Both cutter systems operate optimally with 1000-1500’ of cable and include the Dual Cutter Controller!

    More Information » www.cuesinc.com/CuttersNew.html

  • LAMP II (Lateral & Mainline Probe)

    Launches in all laterals with or against the flow in 6" pipe and larger!
    Inspect Mainlines and Adjacent Lateral Services with One Inspection Run
    Lightweight / Compact Wheeled Unit! Pulls 1000 ft.
    Single Point Removal of Wheels
    Fits Into a 6” Line
    Optional Mini Pan & Tilt Camera
    Optional Rear-view CameraBuilt-in Sonde in the lateral camera for locating
    Supplied with 4 sets of Wheels for 6”-30” lines
    Optional wheel sets are available - steel based for high traction
    Optional chutes are available to increase pipe size range 

    More Information » www.cuesinc.com/LAMPII.html

    LAMP II (Lateral & Mainline Probe)
  • MPlus+ and MPlus+ XL Lateral & Mainline Push System

    The CUES MPlus+ offers the most flexible and feature packed lateral and mini-mainline push system on the market. The MPlus+ modular design combines easy operation with its refined All-In-One set up with the flexibility of facilitating quick removal of the control unit to be used separately for off road or remote jobsites or to accommodate compact storage. The advanced MPlus+ system stands out by integrating all of the most sought after features into an easy to use and intuitive package. This lightweight system is manufactured for rugged reliability and designed to handle rigorous field use. The MPlus+ is the most versatile push system available in the market today.

    More Information » www.cuesinc.com/MPlus.html

    MPlus+ and MPlus+ XL Lateral & Mainline...
  • K2 Base Station Wireless Inspection System

    The CUES K-2 Base Station is a self-contained CCTV inspection system supplied in a compact, rugged, weatherproof enclosure that can fit into an ATV, van, trailer, or pick-up truck to access easements and hard-to-reach areas. A hand-held portable wireless control operates all CUES zoom / pan and tilt cameras and transporters. A built in heavy- duty reel is supplied with automatic video cable payout to withstand the rigors of side load forces during daily operations. Base Station can be supplied with a maximum of 1500 ft. video cable and is compatible with the new Digital Universal Camera (DUC), a semi-autonomous side-scanning camera system, producing high resolution digital video with flat unfolded views of the pipe that greatly enhance the speed of inspection and condition assessment.

    More Information » www.cuesinc.com/K2%20Base%20Station.html

    K2 Base Station Wireless Inspection Syst...
  • TruVue Video Transmission System

    The CUES TruVue Video Transmission System enables the Jet Truck operator to remotely view real time video generated from the CCTV Inspection System, avoiding the potential for unintended collisions between the jet nozzle and the CCTV inspection camera. The CUES TruVue works with all manufacturers' video inspection systems, requiring an available video output and AC power.

    More Information » www.cuesinc.com/TruVue.html

    TruVue Video Transmission System