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Bright Technologies, a division of Sebright Products, Inc., manufactures high quality Belt Filter Presses, High Density Extruders, Xtractors and equipment for dewatering, solidification and de- packaging of your wet waste material. Bright Technologies broad range of experience gives you equipment and systems that are built to suit your needs. Bright Technologies and Sebright Products offers equipment that is designed with quality components, fabricated, installed and serviced by the manufacturer. We assure you that you will receive the best quality wet waste handling system.


  • Belt Filter Press

    Belt Filter Presses
    This is NOT YOUR DADDY’S Belt Press

    The Bright Technologies Belt Filter Press is a modern design that includes three (3) US Patents and many innovative features that provide high performance in a compact, high value package. Many competing products are based on old and inferior designs that do not utilize filtration area effectively.

    Our Belt Filter Press is designed with long term value and ease of operation in mind. Stainless Steel frame and roller construction are standard. An Allen Bradley tm touch screen and PLC integrate the press and support equipment so that unattended operation and integration into SCADA systems are easily accomplished. The optional press mounted operator walkways and handrails are easily removable for belt filter press maintenance and allow the operator good visibility of the process.

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    Belt Filter Press
  • Mobile Belt Filter Presses

    Bright Technologies offers complete Belt Filter Press dewatering systems that are trailer mounted. Easily mobilized to project sites, these trailer mounted systems feature a plug and play concept, resulting in quick and easy setup. We design and manufacture the trailer mounted equipment package for high throughput, low maintenance, superior cake solids and ease of operation.

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    Mobile Belt Filter Presses
  • Belt Filter Press Rentals

    A Bright rental might be the answer. We offer rentals with a buyout option. We tell you the purchase price upfront on the available equipment and a portion of the rental cost goes toward that purchase price. If the equipment doesn’t work out for you it can be returned any time after the 4 week minimum rental period or you can rent the equipment as long as you like and solve the immediate need and then purchase that equipment when the money becomes available. With a signed long term rental contract we will even build the equipment new for you and you can buy it at any time but you must rent it for the term of the contract. After the rental term is over you may also return it without penalty.

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    Belt Filter Press Rentals
  • Skid Mounted Belt Filter Press

    Bright Technologies offers complete Belt Filter Press dewatering systems that are skid or trailer mounted. We design and manufacture the skid equipment package for high throughput, low maintenance, superior cake solids and ease of operation.

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    Skid Mounted Belt Filter Press
  • Custom Conveyors

    Bright Technologies custom designs Belt Conveyors for a variety of unique applications. All of our Conveyors are direct drive to the pulley without a cumbersome belt or chain guards. Many of our Conveyors use modular sectional frames so the Conveyor length can be changed if the location or conditions change. Current Conveyor applications include: Cardboard Boxes, Dewatered Sludge, Pulp & Paper Refuse, Soda Cans & Bottles, Milk Containers, Refuse and more. If you need a well-built Conveyor for a challenging application, give us a call.

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  • Julie Paxson
    Julie Paxson

    Bright Technologies, a division of Sebright Products, Inc
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