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Balmoral Tanks

Not just another tank company

Balmoral Tanks
Balmoral Tanks Ltd is a leading single source designer and manufacturer of liquid storage and treatment products to the global market.
Covering the water, wastewater, civil, processing, anaerobic digestion, fire fighting and environmental sectors, the company provides a range of accredited products including:
• Hot press moulded GRP sectional tanks
• Hot press steel sectional tanks
• Bolted steel cylindrical tanks
• efusionR Epoxy coated steel tanks
• Wastewater treatment plant
• digestoreR Concrete tanks
With an extensive track record of research, development and innovation, Balmoral offers full design and engineering support, technical and installation services.

  • efusion® Epoxy coated steel tanks

    efusion is the brand name for Balmoral Tanks’ in-house steel panel epoxy coating. This fusion bonded epoxy treatment provides a highly resistant coating to the tank panels that is far more robust than traditional, or old technology, glass fused to steel options.
    The epoxy is electrostatically applied and thermally bonded in a two-coat process. This ensures all efusion panels have the most durable and resistant coating possible and all products are tested for imperfections and thickness prior to dispatch.

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    efusion® Epoxy coated steel tanks
  • digestore® Concrete tanks

    Balmoral is the industry's first choice for cast in-situ reinforced concrete digester tanks. Company personnel have completed many demanding construction projects of this type since the early 2000s.

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    digestore® Concrete tanks
  • GRP sectional water tanks

    With an unrivalled reputation for quality and service Balmoral offers sectional tanks, which can be pre-insulated, ranging from 1m³-1000m³ litres capacity and erected to a height of 4m in 1m and 0.5m increments.
    These tanks carry WRAS approval for potable water storage and LPCB approval for fixed fire fighting sprinkler systems. All panels are fully tested to resist pressures in excess of six times their working pressure.

    More Information » www.balmoral-group.com/balmoral-tanks/index.php/pr...

    GRP sectional water tanks
  • Hot press steel sectional water tanks

    Balmoral-owned Horseley Bridge hot pressed steel sectional tanks with capacities of up to 1300m3 have been installed worldwide in water supply projects, the food and processing industries, hotels, railways, hospitals and the utilities sectors. Using proven technology, Balmoral steel sectional tanks and towers have an outstanding track record.

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    Hot press steel sectional water tanks
  • Bolted steel cylindrical tanks

    Bolted steel cylindrical tanks are manufactured in aluminium, galvanised and stainless steel. The range of materials on offer provides customers with cost effective and project specific options in the fire protection, potable and irrigation water storage sectors.

    More Information » www.balmoral-group.com/balmoral-tanks/index.php/pr...

    Bolted steel cylindrical tanks
  • Roofing options

    Various types of roofs are available depending on project requirements. These include: 316 Stainless steel digester; Aluminium; Coated steel plate; Double membrane gas holder; Glass reinforced plastic (GRP); Single membrane; Trough deck

    More Information » www.balmoral-group.com/balmoral-tanks/index.php/pr...

    Roofing options
  • Tank towers

    Balmoral Tanks provides a design, manufacture and supply service for towers to fully accredited standards.

    More Information » www.balmoral-group.com/balmoral-tanks/index.php/pr...

    Tank towers
  • Installation services

    Balmoral Tanks provides a full tank erection service. Each site is inspected by a qualified supervisor prior to tank erection ensuring site and base suitability. An experienced Balmoral team will build your tank and leave it ready for commissioning. Supervisors can also be provided for overseas contracts.

    More Information » www.balmoral-group.com/balmoral-tanks/index.php/pr...

    Installation services
  • Technical services

    Balmoral Tanks’ technical services team provides comprehensive inspection, maintenance, repair and refurbishment services on all tank products whether they are of Balmoral origin or not.

    More Information » www.balmoral-group.com/balmoral-tanks/index.php/pr...

    Technical services



  • Simon Scott
    Simon Scott

    Exports Sales Director
    Balmoral Tanks
    United Kingdom

  • Jonathan Smith
    Jonathan Smith

    Sales Director
    Balmoral Tanks
    United Kingdom